Why do people create a personality to show you when it is not really them...?

... but the real them is just as good?

One of the greatest human needs is to belong
Are you asking why? or are you asking why should they? because it's clear why they do it...
they lack confidence.
they are worried about controlling what you think of them.
they don't know how to access their true self
or even know that it's there.
they think they have to invent themselves
Because they don't know that you'll find the real version of themselves interesting, funny, enjoyable, or whatnot.
because they are afraid, they won't get accepted, and that maybe themselves is too much to show other people. if they aren't perfect they will "fix" all their flaws, to create a "mask" that they wear. they think others like it better.
people that present a false front are just trying to make an impression
Probably because they want to remain invisible to the world, but I prefer to put down who I am because you never know who you may bump into...like old friends or something like that,
because they have insecurities about themselves, it could be that they are scared to show their true selves.
I do that myself...my reason is because I don't like to open up too much of myself too quickly and end up getting hurt because the person I'm trying to get to know doesn't accept me for who I am, so i kind of become a different person. But normally once I get used to a person the real me just comes out naturally, because I feel like that person has invested enough of their time trying to get to know me and it just feels safer after that.
or do they actually think they ARE this other personality and not realize who the real them is?
because we want to be friendly as possible sometimes and would like others to like us as much as possible..
or just show off.etc...

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