About yawning.?

on the yahoo homepage a couple months ago there was something about scienctist thinking that yawning give you energy,but it makes me tired.please tell me what yawning really is

it is really an arrangement made in ur body to adjust the oxygen deficit...when will u yawn? u will when you feel tired, boring...by that time the oxygen content in ur body tends to decrease...in order to adjust, you are opening ur mouth and fills up fresh air, which is called as yawning...it is neither good nor bad...just an arrangement...now researches are going to find out how one's yawning affects others who follows the first ones and starts yawning..you can see this in class rooms...
A sign of boredom of not understanding something, or that your simply tired.
I was watching a medical show it said yawning was from your body needing more oxygen and needing sleep your bodies way of telling you time to hit the sack...

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