Is this a weird dream or what?

I get up for work and the old yellow school bus is waiting already, so I run out the door in my pyjamas so I don't miss it. I get to work and my boss is now my old Grade One teacher. All us students (they are the same age as they were in 1978, and I am still 35, so I am way bigger than they are) are herded into the big conference room for class - which is on basic arithmetic. I get bored and start playing with my swivel office chair. But it was Clifford (you know who you are) who gets me in trouble my shooting spitballs at me. I get sent to the CEO's office, who starts lecturing me on proper office behaviour. I get brave and shoot a spitball into his eye. He yells at me for wearing pyjamas to school instead of a suit and he calls my parents, who have to drive 5 hours from the old ranch in the old family Pontiac station wagon to pick me up. They are so mad at me that they say I am "grounded" - no more having a job for 10 years at least. Then I wake up.

You're missing a more simpler time in your must be under a lot of stress at work right now...try to take time to relax and do something for you.I wish I could go back to elementary school some days also may feel like you co-workers are acting like will pass...relax a little more and help reduce stress...start exercising good luck!
Yeah that is a weird dream. Pretty scary I must say. Not a very casual work environment if they require you to wear a suit.

I had a similar experience when I dreamt that my managers were my teachers and they gave me Fs because of my job performance.
Andthey threatened that I would have to start all over again.
It is a little weird, but not so weird. Maybe you have an underlying desire to change jobs, and are afraid of the consequences.

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