Why do people often assume that I have the worst of intentions?

and especially my mom. She calls me negative whenever I am being realistic for example and I am just pointing out the facts, shes one of those expecting miracles kind of people whereas I make miracles. She always assumes the worst and twists my words. She argues over nothing.
I am going insane. Shouldn't she be understanding if she thinks I am wrong?

People don't like to hear what they think is bad news, but they shouldn't kill the messenger just because they don't like the message.
Don't leave that joint behind your ear. Don't leave the handle of your Glock sticking out of your front pocket. That would be a good start. Oh yeah,--- brush your teeth more often. And use some Visine.
She should let you be your own person, if you are happy with being realistic, there is nothing wrong with that. I agree that some people like to "fluff" everything into a ray of sunshine, sometimes its their way of being optimistic and perhaps she views you as a pessimist, instead of just seeing what just is.
She should just support your view, even if she disagrees with it.
I don't know why you even bother to argue with her. It sounds
like she tries to see the brighter side of things and you can't
accept that. Don't argue with your mother if all you have to
share with her is your negative point of views.
Technically you're both right because you believe in the points you're trying to make and she believes in the points she's trying to make. Both of you feel that these points are your absolute beliefs (or truths), so neither of you are wrong.
As an outsider I feel that both of you are stubborn but you got
it from her and you love her, yes you do, so give her a big hug and quit being a nuisance.
Maybe.,in that area, we are tha same (well, just maybe, this is only for my opinion)I always been a pessimist.,because I don't want to think of the bright side while it is not happening.,That's true.,REALITY should always come with our thinking.,and it is also one way of being true and not to let people think that always good will be happening.,and also one way of maintaining your feet on the ground.,well I AGREE with you., always stay with the truth.,because the TRUTH is the TRUTH but nothing but the TRUTH.,(hope this helps)

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