Why am i so distant and put a border to everithing and everybody even if i am a self conceus person?

i have 20 ears old and i am a virgin ,also i can say that i am a good locking person and people want me around them but i just say no to every oportunity.this doesnt mean that i am a frustrated because i am not...i enjoy activities and i have a complex personality but i can not apply it even if i don't beleve the things i don't do.what is wrong and what is missing

You seem to be wishing for the freedom to explore, but your actions are tempered by your morality.

As you mature, you will become more definitive on which lines to cross and which ones are an anathema.

This process will occur naturally. Accept it's slow but deliberative course.
Nothing is missing or wrong. you set yourself rules. breaking them will mean that you break your integrity to yourself.

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