Can anyone give me a video where i can be hypnotised that i have to be a genius, cool and work hard and remove

my numbness and talk to educated people.

Hi J

Short answer: "No"

Because no one has made that video. And no one ever will.

Hypnosis is about working with people to release/enhance the mental resources they already have.

So if you aren't a genius now (whatever that means to YOU), no amount of hypnotism is going to make you into one.

Nor can it MAKE you work hard unless that's is something you are motivated to do.

In short, hypnosis DOES work, and almost anyone (unless they are mental deficient or brain damaged) can be hypnotised. There are, however, many different ways of hypnotising someone - and they don't all work for everyone.
(Plus not everyone who claims to be a hypnotist has all the knowledge and skills needed to know and apply the most appropriate technique for any particular client.)

Likewise there are different levels of hypnotic trance. And different people respond in different ways at different levels. For example, if two people have a similar facial tic which can be resolved by hypnosis, one may need to go into quite a deep trance to get a result, whilst the other may respond just as well whilst in quite a light trance.

By the way, by "trance" we simply mean "focused attention." For example, whilst you are reading this message you have probably been a little less aware of other things going on around you. That's natural, and it's a very mild form of trance.

(It's natural insofar as we have a limited amount of attention to give to the information coming in through our various senses. If you put more attention on what you are seeing (reading this message) then you will have less attention to give to what you are hearing/feeling/smelling and so on. That's all that "focusing your attention means.")

So the idea that someone can make a video that will work on EVERYONE is a non-starter. Because a video can't tell when the viewer starts to go into trance, how completely they are becoming focused, etc., etc.

Which leaves you three options:

1. Go to a professional hypnotist and ask what they can do for you.

2. Buy yourself a good book on self-hypnosis, and/or go on a training course

3. As Gus said, go out and start doing the things you need to do to get the results you want.
Hypnotism is a fraud, sorry.
You may just be gullible enough for hypnotism to work. Really!

If it does not work try this - get an education, read a lot, talk to people, and quit hiding behing your computer and go into the real world to find real people to talk to.

Good Luck

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