What's your deepest darkest fantasy ?

Qui-Gon wont judge lol, Im very open minded :)

To Have Zara Put me over her knee and Spank me tell am a good girl X Cindy
hmmm theres loads
I am a macrophile, I fantacize women as giantesses terrorizing me, terror of the town, or I as a shrunken human being the girl terrorozes. I can't help it. That's how I've always fantacized.
Darkest? Hmmmmm . . . I would like five minutes alone in a locked room with my adult son. I'd pulverize him.
I've always wished i was born during the time of the fall of the roman empire so i can pick up the pieces
A stall in the middle of the market place where anyone can go in and people on the outside can then choose to abuse as they wish!

naaaah ... you'd have nightmares for ever if I told you
I'd end up in a dungeon in the Tower of London if it got out.
I can't tell YOU otherwise it wouldn't be a deep dark fantasy! (well really I can't think of anything right now)

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