My sister is a 21 years old but she still wet her bed what she/ we should do?

Have her go see a dr. there is a medical condition for overactive bladders. they may be able to give her something to control it.
Maybe she has an over active bladder problem.

Avoid drinking atleast 3 hours before bed & talk to your Doctor about it because she might need a medication for this.
go to the bathroom before bed
set a alarm to wake up early to go
or just wear...... just say hehehe sry
Put a sump pump under her bed..
Is it an recurring thing or just a one time deal? If it's a one time thing, don't worry about it. But if it's a problem, maybe she should see the doctor. Also, avoid drinking too much before going to bed.
Take her to a doctor, there is a medical condition for this and it can be controlled.
She needs to see a doctor and a therapist.

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