Something embarrasing happened in school today...?

i won't tell you what lol, but i've been at home for a few hours now and its still bothering me. can you help me get over it?

Stop thinking of it. Everyone has their clumbsy moments. It's okay. Probably no one will remember it as long as you. Just make light of it and you'll be fine.
not if we dont know what happened
Everyone has had embarrasing moments in lfe. Its sucks, but you can only look back and laugh about it. Its part of life.
according to these ppl on here u r a figment of my imagination so therefore i command u to get over it :)

haha now doesnt tht just make u laugh? lol tht would make me feel better :)
really its still bothering you?....i dont know how anybody can get over an embarrasing moment that fast.....but if it wasnt that bad....then you should just stop thinking about it.....i had alot of things happen to me....i just laugh it would life be exciting if there wasnt any embarrassing moments in]
Well, not if you don't tell us what happened.
Odds are that you are the only person who still remembers said embarrasing moment. Everyone else is probably thinking about their own embarrasing moments. Take comfort in knowing that everybody else is too busy thinking about themselves to have time to remember whatever it is you did. Breath. Relax. Move on. Everyone else has.
Embarrassing incidents really bother me--I'll think about them for days afterward if not longer. Think of the phrase "this too shall pass." it's always helped me. The best thing to do is laugh about it and put it behind you.
Just find the hilarity in what happened. Feel comfortable with yourself and you'll be fine. You'll get over it, and eventually forget about it. But if you keep thinking about it, you'll never be comfortable with yourself and further on you won't be able to accept embarassing moments. =D

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