The Aeon - How to plan for it?

Once a person has totally changed psychologically to find that no longer are they out of synch with their life but life is out of synch with you. And drastic revolutionary change is necessary then how to go about it? I'm looking for method of how to plan this change, how to deal with the areas that seem to have no answer yet are crucial! Let me know of tools and methods you use when doing such kind of life planning.

Find a good clinical psychologist. Another person to talk to and share your problems with who will not judge you and keep the information private.
I you have a problem with someone, go camping in the 'forest of the battered heads.

No once you are there you will soon find out that they dont kepe in synch and run away from thje 12343 chavs at a rate of 15 miles an hour min then they have a base ball bat embedded in their skull.

Oh and god save the queen.

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