Is it true that some of the smartest people in the world have some form of depression?

and why is that?

There is a persistent common myth that depression and high intelligence go hand-in-hand. Science, though, consistently finds otherwise. Most depressions are secondary to poor coping skills and poor problem-solving abilities in the face of social stressors. High intelligence helps people to cope better with social stressors just as it does with other complex challenges.
Because intelligence has nothing to do with mental health issues.
im not to sure
but i dont think
has anything
to do with
or mental health
but i could be possible
because the
more thinking
you can do
the more depressed
you may get
That could be true of some of the dumbest people in the world. But yes, I have heard that. Something about them being too aware of their surroundings.
it's probably because the more intelligent a person is, the more likely to realize what a mess this planet is in, by seeing the bigger picture, so to speak. at least this makes alot of sense to me.and it's pretty darn depressing if you really look at it, sad to say!
Yes throughout history the very intelligent seem to be somewhat disturbed
People like einstein, lincoln, michealangelo and others had problems with depression.
At a guess they are using more of the mind for solving problems, so there is less left over to keep life together - a total gues though. Because depression is suppossed to be a chemical imbalance in the way your neuron fire and recover. It may not be any more common in people who excel but those who excel are high profile so we see those who suffer more
I know of comedians having depression as the pressure of having to entertain people always can be very stressful... (they have to perform and act happy even if they don't feel like it)... Smart people? Maybe, I guess it is due to their own high intellect, some may find it hard to interact with people (may be seen as freaks)...and become an introvert not by choice...Or maybe the pressure of having to maintain their own standard in everything that they do, may cause them to "crack"...This is my guess.May be true or not?
I think this is true and this is why.The more self aware you are the smarter you are.Sometimes self awareness can be depressing,when you realize certain things can never change and the process of working within parameters can be overwhelming which for some a little depressing.
When you think about it how could anyone with even half a brain not be a little bummed about how it all really works and what the long term effects could easily be of it.
Seeing all that there is to see around them in a constant correlating phenomena of variables and predictable unpredictabilities has it's moments I'm sure, but I could see an awful down side.
Neral networking, enviroment, over exposer, under exposer, the list could go on from there for sure.
I think that it doesn't matter how smart or not smart someone is. Depression is an emotional thing. Everyone gets depressed at some points in their life. The people that need medicine for it are the ones that are depressed too much.
I honestly don't know, I don't think I smart enough.

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