What song have you heard that you just can't help but move to? And do you know why that is?

For myself, it's Out Of Space by The Prodigy, cos it's da shiznit!

any Barry Manilow song....his songs that have beat to them, and even the ones that are mellow...he's the best, and you probably don't even know who he is, but, he's always been the best to me, his music is just great.
Daydream Believer by The Monkeys my favourite song it cheers me up and just makes me happy, have even been caught having a little dance to it when cleaning, ha ha.
it's in another language and it's because it has that snap clap type of beat if you know what i'm saying lol

ELO's Mr Blue Sky. Found a seventies clip on YouTube and it reminds me of when life was simpler :-)
"I'm alive" by the hollies.
because i am alive.
mine has to be one more time by daft punk it just the beat of it the mixture of being slow then going in to the faster beat it can get the adrenlin flowing and can get a right buzz of it
Hi Mate, Music does that to me, but their is an old eighties track by Dead Or Alive, You Spin Me Right Round Like A Record, gets me on the dancefloor everytime, kicks **** for the eighties.
like i love you/ Justin timberlake the guitar starts and i cant help jerkin about. im 53 and sometimes have embarrassed everyone around me but hey f..k it

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