Have you been someone's demon?

Looking back, can you honestly say with your hand on your heart, that you've never hurt, been cruel or caused deliberate upset to someone?
If you have, do you ever wonder how they coped with the upset you caused?
I really upset someone once, but apologised later.
I can think of a couple of others who never got an apology.
Have you been someone's demon?

A very interesting question. I have been to hell. And, in so being, I have taken those both closest to me and far away. It was intentional at times, unintentional and unbeknown to me, until much later through self-examination and self-awareness, at other times. I had to face up and become responsible for my actions, mine alone, and try to rectify them to the best of my ability. Then, having done so, I had to let it all go. No more baggage to slow me down, no more regrets, no more sorrows, no more anger, no more being ashamed... Until, when I least suspect it, it comes again in a different mode and way. It is a never ending process this Spiritual world and its' growth. One of continued growth through continued self-awareness and.. I Enjoy the Journey. I am very Grateful for the opportunity granted me. I smile. I bow to you. A very worthy question. Thank You for the opportunity to unburden myself.


Peace and Love
Demon? Only my own, babe.
And that was hormonal.
Yes, it affected my boy, and yes, I'm better, and yes, I apologized for being off, and he said- It's OK, Mom, you're not like that anymore.
Check THAT out.
And no, I NEVER was out f control on purpose... kind of defies logic.
Am I perfect?
Um, no.
Do I snap sometimes?
Do I make amends?
Usually, if this is a person I will ever see again!
And living now in a tiny community, you'd better believe I will!
Yes, but only when they deserved it.

I may have gone a little over-board because I have a sharp tongue, but really, I don't care.
No one really cares enough about what I say to become a "demon", if someone ends up being hurt it's usually un-intentional. The only time I have intentionally hurt someone is after they hurt me first, if they accidently hurt me though, and I do that, it really makes me feel bad.
Yeah... we used to be best friends but then I totally bitched her out and she started crying... needless to say we don't talk anyomore. I feel terrible about it but I feel like it would be too awkward to apoligize since so much time has passed, you know? I admire that YOU at least apoligized. That's pretty brave.
It hurts me to say this, but at least I'm admitting it now, I think that I've been that way to some of my friends. I inadvertantly make them feel inferior because I'm always hogging up the spotlight. When I look back at it, I really really, feel so bad bcause my INTENTION was never to hurt them. I'm gonna let them know, when I get the chance. It hurts that I could have been so toxic to them. But here is where I have to really work on myself and Love myself so that I don't do this anymore! take care, Bethany
Sure, unfortunately.

Not as much now as when I was younger though. When I was younger, the world seemed to revolve around me and I didn't take other people's feelings into consideration.

Words are so powerful. They can create and destroy.

We are all guilty, so don't be hard on yourself. Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving others.
I can honestly say I have. In one specific example it was the way i was treating myself that it reduced my friend to tears. However, the subject is quite sore and we avoid the topic so I'm never quite sure how she coped with the knowledge other then to try and to change my ways. i have apologized for it however sorry wont always fix things. However reducing her to tears was most certainly not deliberate i was just looking for help with said issues I've been having. I don't normally have the intention of hurting people but when it accidentally happens i try my best to clear it up though I'm sure i could have said and done more to apologize to some people. So I'm sure i have been peoples demons though who hasn't? I don't think theres is a person who could honestly say the haven't accidentally or purposely caused some one hurt. Have a good day. =]
I like to break candy bars in the supermarket check out. It's very amusing for me to think about how a person would react to that smashed candy bar.
ha!! someone demon yea all the time. but guess wat i rarely apologise . coz i am really understanding , compassionate n o i give u a long rope n still if u can still find reason to prickle me , then i say beat the hell out n way more coz im raw it hurts i see tears a lot but i dont shift my ground coz i know for sure they learn something abt me . by the way they always come bak n apologise as if they did something wrong , so u see they r pretty much aware that they had to do something to coz such an uproar in me . so basically lol am least interested for i dont blow up on ppl unnecessary ok.
Ok now, I knew you were good, but this is really good. It's related to your earlier question on facing up to your personal demons.
In that question, I mentioned how our fears, guilts, and resentments can become our 'demons'.
During my wake-up-call I was shown all the ways I had violated life, and many of them had to do with my use of fear and guilt to 'inspire'. I hadn't realized all the ways I had fed someones demons or helped them to gain some new ones.
This is an important confession on the path of repentance and I'm curious that you posted the question.
This is a subjective question.
I've never cheated on anyone. I've never stolen from anyone. I've never ruined anyone's life. I've never severly injured anyone(life altering injury). I've never hit a woman.

But I'm sure that I've upset someone before.
Yes, I have hurt someone before, that was a long time ago.
I was dating a guy and he was really nice, we were really getting along, but he took drugs which is something that I don't do.And I didn't find out until a few weeks into the relationship.
After getting a lecture by my best friend on how wrong this guy was for me, because of his drug use, I ended up dumping him and the guy was really shocked and as it turned out later, pretty upset.
I felt so terrible, I didn't want to hurt him at all. I apologised to him though. But I still felt bad for breaking his heart.
I am what I am.
Yes I have. I used to be a very self-centered person on the upward path. I didn't care who I had to step on to climb up. But like the saying goes...What who you step on on the way up because you may need them to catch you on the way down.
Good question

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