What the weirdest fetish your boy friends had?

and did how long did you put up with it for?let out the weirdos

My ex-husband was a pan-sexual paedophile pervert who would do anything to anything regardless of age, race or sex. He had me drugged for the 5 years we were together, which is why I couldn't leave him (too out of my face to know or care what was happening). After he left me, the police took away his PC but they didn't bag any of the evidence so he got away with it all scot free. He is now living in New York State. Hopefully, somebody will shoot him.
I dated a guy that wanted me to make him dress up like a ****. Not my thing so I let him go.
my ex partner used to wear my underwear kevin christopher mcardle
thought he was back at schooland i was the teacher
GOOD QUESTION...I am straight, So I don't want a boyfriend. That would be a fetish. Fetish's in general are better in the mind, than in real life. A fetish can always work in the mind.

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