What are you nostalgic for??

...For those carefree days of childhood where I dont have to worry about anything..Except for trifle things like candies, dolls, new clothes etc...For those sweet, innocent days, when Mama and Papa are always near me and I can never worry for anything, unlike now, whence I am no longer a kid, and I have to take care of myself.
when i was a kid and didn't have responsiblities
The days before a loaded semi hit me and crippled me.
Riding my bike on the street and knowing that the cars won't hit me. Whathamacallit (I can't find these anywhere!) and hanging out with my friends at the mall. As an adult, responsibilities kind of get in the way.
A good milkshake, some good TV, and a really good hamburger, no fries. Wrap all that up with my daughter next to me, and that would make a lovely evening. What about you? Thanks for asking!!
When there was true peace and harmony
When i was younger there was - or i thought there was. but that doesn't make a difference, innit? Cause I felt peace and harmony. Nostalgic for true warmth.
I am nostalgic for the days when I was still striving toward my goals. I was energized, passionate and unstoppable. Now that I've reached the goals I'd set out for myself, I find myself lethargic, uninterested and depressed. Rather than find some new goals, however, I'm gonna try to settle in and see what it's like to just "be" for awhile, instead of always "doing."

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