Procrastination friend or foe?!?!?

How does someone become motivated? What is the best way? OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTION!

3 foot tosses! Most of us see the issue as big and not something we can deal with easily. Design your response to the issue in doable 3 foot tosses. Need more space, clear out the negative clutter. Need more time stop and think about planning your day for 20 minutes instead of rushing into it without really knowing where you are and where you want to be. What ever you want is within a 3 foot toss. Many of us shoot the 30 foot toss trying to do more than is doable comfortably. The issue is never the issue it is how we choose to deal with it. Slow down and finish the easiest things first. See the small job do it and then move on. Good Luck
Get to work or give back your pay check.
foe ... you just reminded me i need to do some laundry
You have to be willing for motivation, and then it will all come naturally.
Set up a goal and plan a reward for yourself when you reach that goal.
Procrastination: my anti-drug.

The way i see it is this: if i try to get something done early, i tend to get distracted easily and the project takes me a good while to do. If i procrastinate, i am pressured by time deadlines and have the motivation to sit down and just do it, which takes a lot less time. Considering that i produce the same quality work both ways (as far as grades are concerned), it simply makes more sense to procrastinate and use the extra time it affords to do more productive things (if you consider video games productive that is :P )
Broad question.
Well, I'm a Cancer, a natural-born procrastinator, so they say.
And I do, and so does every other Cancer I know.
But, some of us still go to work, and all that jazz, and work very werll within others' constraints, just not our own.
And that's the beauty of being me.
I can do what HAS to be done for toehrs.
So, it depends on what it is.
My procrastination on bill paying has natural bad consequences, and life helps me out just fine.
My procrastination with my creative crafts projects gives me plenty of time to brainstorm and work out that odd little detail that some voice in the back of my head has been complaining about.
Hey I Hear you.
The last thing I want to do after working all day , is to
come home and work more . So I get the kid,s to do it .
And if they want Dinner then they will clean up after !
And sometimes it works really good , especially when
they say I am going to eat at my friends tonight .
This depends on the person. Some people thrive when they only have short time to meet a deadline and produce wonderful work, while others crack under the pressure and get nothing done unless they have plenty of time. I would say each person needs to determine which is their style and base their life and decision on their own way of working.

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