What do you think has happened?

There's this gal that I like and I've told her how I felt last year, but she said she just wanna be friends. However, recently I feel that she puts more interests, except that in this year's students retreat she showed a totally different behavior. She was rather unwell during the retreat and had to take antibiotic.
- Sometimes she did not reply to what I said, when we were in groups.
- When I asked her about the bruise that she got previously, she did not listen clearly and was like moving her head to beckon me to repeat my words. But finally she only said, "I don't know..." and looked at the bruise.
- I asked her a few things, like 'You're sleepy?' but she just kept quiet.
- She once like said that 'Common sense, who will believe that..." when I belived what a friend said.
- During a campfire dance, I danced with her first, but she did not smile and instead was like rather a bit silent, but the next one she smiled a bit.
But they are complete opposite to what she had shown some time ago. She was friendly and teased me and seemed to be interested, lots of eye contacts. But now, she seemed cold, distant and quiet. What actually happens?

Maybe she's being abused by someone, so she keeps her distance. This way no one knows!
it is a hard road you pick

she has been abused on some level even if it is self abuse somewhere she was at least neglected or misused...

are you strong enough to care for the both of you for she will continue to push the boundary's of any love she is shown

for someone somewhere has taught her that love is not to be trusted.
she is scared of your deep love for her
if shes ina relationship it sounds like shes being abused. or is just being abused by somebody. talk o her and ask her if somebody is hurting her. hug her and tell her that you will always be there for her. if she says nothings goign onsay okay well just know that if you ever need to talk you can always come to me i will help you out no matter wat.

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