Need to overcome my fear?

of death. i know its gonna happen to us all. i feel restless about it. wasting time, not doing enough with my time :s

Don't be afraid Everyone has a day that they will die. We all just hope we don't suffer. I do agree that religion or spirituality might help you get over your fear.
If you're afraid of death, maybe learning more about it would help? Or...since its the mystery of it...make up what you think will happen then believe in it. I'm also afraid of death a little. But why go around being afraid? It'll happen whether or not I acknowledge it.
me too,

Don't worry your not alone
Just try and do the right thing for today, thats all any of us can do. Tomorrow is promised to no one. On a happier less pessimistic note..... Today is the tomorrow we worried about all day yesterday.
Are you religious? Having faith in the life after death, in going to heaven or being reincarnated helps a lot of people. What if there is another world after we leave this one? We can't just die and thats it? There is something more, something great. You need to find something to believe in to set your mind at ease, no one knows what will happen, but the possibilities are present. We are all going to die. It's inevitable. I hate feeling like I'm wasting my time. Write a list of all the things you want to do or see or the people you want to meet. Then below each write what you would have to do to accomplish that goal and set out to meet it. Live life to the fullest, do things that make you happy, surround yourself with people you love and care about. Doing this will make your life full.
There is no need to fear if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ! If you don't, He loves you very much. He wants to be your Best Friend. He wants you to come to be with Him when you die. All you have to do is accept Him into your heart. Jesus loves you!

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