Why do we as woman let our men abused us. without fighting back.?

We are in love. thats why?

Get yourself a cast iron skillet and use it.
Good nite sweet prince.
He he
You shouldn't let them.
Abuse usually happens slowly. First you fall in love and are treated like a queen, then you begin to have verbal arguments and convince yourself that it was just a misunderstanding or you compromise to make the relationship work, then the hitting and violence begins. Women usually don't realize they are in an abusive relationship until it gets to that point. They begin to have low self esteem and are afraid to leave either because they think no one else will want them or their mate will kill them. Some women do fight back, but it is very hard to fight someone you think you love or are afraid of. Women are generally physically weaker and don't want to confront someone who can overpower them. This is the main reason women put up with verbal abuse. This is why men should not raise their voice at women, it is the equivalent of a woman raising her voice at a child. It is intimidating and threatening.
In my opinion, us woman didn't fight back because of:
1. as you had said it, love.
2. (this one's a big one) because she does not want to make a big deal out of it, for it will make trouble in her life when there's already big things going on.
3. scared. we women are scared when get abused because if we fight back: something bad might happen. Told somebody else: something bad might happen.
4. we enjoy it. some women do. affairs, or watever.
5. compared to some women's life, there are other big things going on so she doesn't wanna make a big deal out of it (see 2). To some women, it's a small thing.
6. (see 5) they just want to forget about it after it's over.
woman are the best sale people ,they can con vice,a male to settle down, marry them ,have kids,and really get into debt?
if more woman looked at the person ,they married , i bet they would no marry the same person twice ,lol
you don't let men abuse you, you in able them to .
" whats love got to do with it" this anit love , more prison.with no parole

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