Am I normal?

So I am quite a competitive person. I always want to make people jealous. Is that normal?

You are normal. The competitive part is OK. The wanting to make people jealous part is not a healthy personality trait, though, although I wouldn't say it's clinically abnormal. It means you are trying to prove yourself against some internal insecurity, and your personal relationships could be the price you pay in the end. You may want people to be jealous of you to reaffirm your ego.
are you a scorpio?

compettion is normal, we would be where we are today without it.

Now this jealousy thing is an issue you need to work through. Find out where it's stemming from.
if you want to make people jealous all the time, that makes you insecure with a low self esteem, today , in this day and age,... thats pretty normal
Naughty, Naughty, Naughty!
People love attention. Its part of life. It is normal. You are also unique in your own way.
you're not normal. you want to achieve things even though it doesn't really make you happy but you're doing it to spite others and make them jealous. you have a mean streak in you and if you don't realize that by now, people around you will not be jealous of you but hate you. unless you want to live with that kind of atmosphere you're building yourself in, go ahead and enjoy your competitions and accomplishments.
Sounds normal, but flawed and maladaptive. Competition ought to be for the purpose of reaching your goals, not for making your competitors feel bad about themselves. Going your route is going to make enemies.

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