A new meme could be born every minute! Do you exercise your right to meme?

Or does that intrude on the realities of others?

What do you think about idealisms for real? Are they good for us or not?

I see what you're getting at.

'Memes' (selfish / self-orientatedly deluded ideas / delusions) can be unproductively self propagating. :-)

The quest appears to be to break free of it's shackles; to break out of the 'matrix'.

Eradicate forever 'me-ming'.

I think it would require an independence of spirit & braveness.

Hopefully that's not memetic; but 'real'. :-)

I see it's reality in others & in myself.

* * *


Sometimes what we wrongly think are 'about me', are actually fairly universal patterns / eternal thingies.

Sometimes (the opposite is true and) the opportunity for verbal Expression of what (we later realise) is actually 'me'-metic, can help one see it's folly; so undermining what would otherwise have gone unquestioned & made sub/un-conscious.

This is called dialectics, in philosophy.

The juxtaposition of seemingly disparate parts of a jigsaw, synthesising something bigger & better therefrom; more (w)holistic.

In education, we normally call it 'discussion'. :-)

I'm sure it's as old as the hills, and hopefully should be particularly at home in R & S, where people are hopefully trying to piece together an understanding of what this world is, and what lies beyond it.

(Second Amendment):

I think the 'contacts' facility can sometimes be detrimental to one's peace. When one wants to delve into a novel subject area one inevitably ends up dragging everyone on your list with you. :-)

If this is meming, I'm sorry, but I assure you it's / was unintentional. :-)
..For those who believe that memes are real, they aren't consciously propagated. They are passed on genetically through natural selection.

Ideals are good, healthy and useful if they are based on reality, that is, if they lead to a practical benefit. For example, I believe in the ideal of equal opportunity.

But then, what do memes have to do with ideals, anyway?
Enlightenment unfolds. ~*~

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