Do you sometimes ask questions here to make people think and couldn't care less how they answer? Why?

Yes and no. All of my questions thus far have been for the purpose of making people think. I do care how they answer though; Because if somebody actually gives a good answer it shows me that they actually thought about what I said, rather than getting defensive and calling me a "wise a**".
personally, no i don't. i sometimes see questions that are meant to be brain teaser, and i actually like those questions because they do make me think. i usually ask a question only if i sincerely need advice or help on a certain matter. that's my 2 cents.
Haven't thought of doing that yet. I guess I only have time for the ones I really want the answers to. But maybe I will try that sometime. I can tell that some people do that though. Case in point was the following question I saw on here last night: "Can anyone tell me why my eyes burn when I pour lemon juice and orange juice into them?" Alrighty then!
Yes, I do this quite often.
No, I try to give answers that make people think.

A good answer will usually create more questions

The answers post by the user, for information only, does not guarantee the right.

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