Do you sense that you are living life to your full potential... ► Or Not?


My " full potential" is not a constant.
It is evAR evolving with each new endeavor;
I emerge my SELF into,
I continue to grow.
And, it is in that process of growth-
EvAR constant...
That my potential is in a constant state
Of evolution.
NeAR reaching its saturation point...
Fullness is a lofty goal..
In relation to feeling complete.
But, if "My" cup is full-
There is no room left..
And, if I come to a FULL stop...
I stand still.
If my house is Full no room for anyone else.
I can't imagine that !
But, I sense in my feelings that-
In matters of living my life-
If my POTENTIAL became FULL...
I would cease to exist.
I chose to go FULL SPEED AHEAD-
In breaking new ground-
Exploring new territories-
To seek & find what new things may excite ;
And ecite & expand my growth -
Knowing that once my time here is done
Full Blast ahead
To see if the potential of my life
Here was well spent .
For no moments can evAR truly be relived...
And, the potential exists with out warning
That the last breathe is near.
Which potentially could take me far, far away-
To where I may come Full Circle.
360 evolution...
The circle expands.
Nope. But the day is not over yet.
no im not but i hope i do...cuz life is very short and who knows when it ends...
i don't care anymore
i just woke up and i need a drink
i am not...but that's why i went back to school :-)
Here's the thing:

I know I could potentially work harder and more hours to acheive more in my professional life. However...

...I choose to balance hard work with family time to keep my stress levels down. Sure - sometimes family can cause stress too, but this is rare with me.

Knowing this, I feel my full potential as both a professional and as a husband/father are closer to being reached than if I sacrificed one for the other.

I feel that I'm very close to my full potential as a well-balanced person, which means I can continue on this path for a long time and keep growing as I go. In the future, I'll be even better at work and at home, and not lose myself along the way. I think this is a good way to reach my full potential all throughout my life.

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