Am I ambidextrous?

I've always considered myself to be ambidextrous but now I'm not sure. I can do a number of things with only ONE hand, and these tasks vary. As a toddler, I was a left handed writer but my dad urged me to write with my right. So with my right hand, I can write, punch, brush my teeth, and more. With my left, I can sweep with a broom, open a plastic container, throw, and many other things that I can't think of at the moment. Nothing comes to mind about any task that I can do comfortably with BOTH hands. So tell me this, am I ambidextrous?

You are only ambidextrous if you can perform fine motor skills with both hands. Such skills would include eating with a spoon or fork, writing, or throwing a ball. And you have to be able to do so efficiently. I can throw a ball with my left hand, but it won't be any where near the accuracy or speed of my right hand. Also, I can technically write with my left hand, but it looks like a 4 year old wrote it.
Check this out for more info:
Probably you are ambidexter.
How the heck would i know faget!
No, you're not. You are actually left handed, because you're writing with your right hand unnaturally.
we tend to open things with our left hand ie, jam jar lids undoing a screw etc, anti clock wise, and use the right hand to close, clock wise, yes i think you could be amidextrous.

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