All in the mind?

do TV advertisers and can or do use subliminal messaging peole say they use it on cinema screens but i'm not sure it can be done and is it still happening and how can i tell from stainless loads of questions do we have all the answers

It's not just TV. Subliminal messaging comes from everything we see, say, and do and the power behind it what we all fear.
scuse me
there have been an insurmountable quantity of research on subliminal messaging, and social psychologists generally agree that there are either minimal or zero effect.
i dont believe they use subliminal messages but they do a lot of researching on colors and music that affect the human mind and cause it to want certian things.
They use volume and clever words, just as u r watching your fave program and the mind is far away, la la la la la that's the most suggestible time, then Whack! DFS SALE NOW ON...

This is the point that our unconcsious filters are off at that moment and some of the add goes in as a suggestion.

Subliminals are outlawed.
Subliminal messaging is all around us, but I don't think it is used in cinemas anymore, or at least, it has to be a time-frame of a certain length.

Companies do lots of resarch into subliminal advertising. That is why so many products have slogans, and why so many advertising features have mastheads which contain a memorable, and pithy positive message.

This is also true of newspaper headlines: these are blatant words or messages, written in big letters, in colours which 'burn' themselves onto your mind, black on a white background. They may well 'burn' a particular political message onto your mind, depending on what the viewpoint of the paper is.

Look at the packaging of numerous products, or go into a shop (especially a fashion outlet). There you will see lots of colourful pictures which 'bombard' your subconscience with images of what the product will look like, or how it could feel, or if it is food, how wholesome it can be. Look at the TV adverts " this isn't food, this is M & S food. " Doesn't the food in those adverts look very appetising indeed? These may build up a sensory feeling experience of what it is like to have that item, and may persuade you to buy it.

If not, your deeper mind will still have registered the image and the feelings you associate with the pictures, and these may well come to the surface at a later time.

However, It is not just with images that subliminal advertising works. Supermarkets are well-known for allowing the aroma of baking bread to drift around the store, because smell and taste a closely related, and this particular scent is know to make people hungry, and want to buy more.

A few months back, I was in a fashion emporium in Miami Beach where they were playing 'funky' music over the PA system. The shop owner told me that 'music is part of the vibe of fashion.' If it makes you feel good about yourself, you are also more likely to buy clothes which perpetuate the feeling and self-image of feeling good about yourself. You subconsciously associate yourself with the music, and think yourself 'funky.'

Stores within shopping centres also use coloured flooring which is similar to the main part of the mall, to give the feeling of 'continuation.' A floor colour which is different has been known to create a subliminal 'barrier' in shoppers' minds, which stops them from entering the store.

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