What can I do to help me cope with my phobia of roaches?

I was taking out the garbage and I saw a huge Texas size roach run out from under the trash can. I screamed and screamed like a damn child. It's embarrassing how disgusted I get with them but I cannot help it. What can I do to help me cope with my phobia of roaches?

Well, roaches are creepy. If that is your worst problem, consider yourself super well adjusted.

I dont know how much value there would be in spending time trying to get over a phobia for roaches unless you want to work as an exterminator.

Everyone has their thing and I think anyone taking out the garbage and being surprised by a Texas sized roach, all flat and crunchy, scurrying out from under the trash, would be taken aback. lol

It's a little funny to me to picture you screaming and screaming like in some horror movie. I guess it's not uncommon for girls to do that and shake off even long after they are in the house. Not sure if its a problem to spend time fixing, though.
was it black if so prob what ive heard called waterbugs.. harmless and not like a house roach at all .. now house roaches are so disgusting should make anyone scream..
Get rid of the roaches in and around your house.
you should eat one, now that will help you get over your fear huh.........
clean better
get an exterminatore (idk how to spell)
kill thoes things, i hate them too
why did it have be a "TEXAS" sized roach? are you trying to talk about TEXAS? THROW a rope & saddle on him & ride him like a dumb bull during rodeo, Yee-Haa!!!

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