What causes a person to have commitment issues?

I'm afraid to make a commitment to my boyfriend. He's very good to me and I'm not attracted to anyone else I'm just terrified- as in having a little panic attacks when I think about it. How can I make that fear go away?

It's the vulnerability.. leaving yourself open for the potential of getting hurt.
I have the same problems, which is why I'm single as of now. I'd get a boyfriend, but then I'd get really afraid of commitments, and break up with him. That's happened a lot to me, and I felt bad. I suggest letting him know how you feel about commitment, but tell him you still like him very very very much. (What I'm saying is, tell your boyfriend, but don't break up with him! You'd feel horrible, trust me.)

Hope I helped. :)
I suppose some reasons people might be "committment-phob":

-Afraid that the person will leave them. If you have parents that are divorced, you might have a hard time believing that your relationships will last.

-Afraid that they will have to give up some of their freedom. As relationships become more serious, we might have less alone time, etc.

-Age. If you are young, you just are not ready for responsibility that comes with more serious relationships.

-You might (unknowingly) want to keep your options open -especially if you haven't had many relationships before this one. I remember being scared of a serious relationships with my early BFs because dating was new to me. I wanted to experience new people.

The best advice I have to you is to just take things slowly. There should be no pressure to rush into things when you are not ready. If your boyfriend is going fast in the relationship, have a talk with him. Tell him you love him, but you just want to take things slowly and enjoy the moment.

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