3 things you love, 3 things you hate?

i hate life
i hate discrimination
i hate peple
i love my family
i love music!
i love hope
LOVE: Wife+nipper, windy days, steam engines
HATE: Soul music, criminals, snakes
I love my partner, my son and dragons
I hate liars, cheaters and scumbags
Love- My son
rainy days
working in my garden

Stupid people
Weeds in my yard
The sound of my cats purring.
The sound of my horse eating hay
Sea gulls
3 hates
plastic in the sea
Human impact
Human gread
rats, water, Cake (the band)
cats, tornados, "gangstas"
I Hate 1. slow drivers 2. two faced people 3. circus clowns
i Like 1. chunky women 2. tattoos 3. star wars
3 things i <3
1. Music

3 Things i HATE
1.Preppy ppl
2.Mrs.Spurgan----scary teacher *shivers*
My wife
Rum n coke

Love.Children, cruises and sunshine
Hate..Lifts, crowds and porridge
chocolate, pastries, holidays.

parsnips, work, studying.
I Love
Playin Soccer
Using Internet
Playing Computer games

I Hate
punished for something i didnt do
being alone

Hey, plz anyone look over my question. Plz help , really important!!
love: snow, gardening, music

hate: wasps, waiting, smoking
likes : my handphone, my computer and my blue navy shirt
hates : my boss, my friend car & my father shoes
love: art, my parents, animals
hate: stupid people, illnesses, evil people
Loves - my girl, beer, cars

Hates - slow drivers, stupid people, banks
Love- God, Family and CaptainToeNail.
Hate- Evil, Spam and Terrorists.
I love really heavy rain, my friends and my family.

I hate stubbornness, table centrepieces and wet sponges.
Love: music, science, respect for each other and the environment (I know humanity is capable of getting this right!) (Just noticed omgithinkiknow's answer, and yes I would definitely add sex to the list of things I love!)
Hate: religion, ignorance, pettiness
I love: sex, music, working
I hate: being ignored, people with poor hygiene, a kitten I call Oh No! Go find someone else ~ I'm thinking of shortening the name to Ona
Love; money, food, family
Hate; money, rude people, being cold
I love Saturday morning lay ins. Holidays and clean duvets.I hate Sunday nights, Monday mornings and being a wage slave.
Love: Sitting in the rain, melted chocolate and the smell of burnt matches.
Hate: People that stop in the middle of the footpath, filling my car with petrol and minties.
i love my family, holidays and monĀ£y!

i hate bad weather, bills and funerals

Absinthe, the people in my life, art


Uncertainty about the future, giant pandas, people who honk their horns too much
coffee and smoke.and sex...those three I love..what I hate is..people..work ..exercise..yep people cause all my problems and work is work
1: My family
2: My boyfriend
3: My 2 cats

1: Traffic, sitting in a jam
2: Work
3: Meat
LOVE-My bath, my bed, my time
HATE-Cigarettes, Laziness, Rudeness
Love ---- My girlfriend, video games, music

Hate---- The fact my girlfriend is in S. Korea for 3 monthes, conflict, and the fact that I love music but cannot seem to get how to play the guitar...
I love: my family, popcorn and my new car. I hate: people who are forever bombing others, sticky hands , and upset stomachs

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