What in your opinion is the key to finding happiness or being happy?

Count your blessings and remember that the grass is rarely greener on the other side !
help people in need and don't be selfish. give not to receive
finding the right genre of porn as we are all individuals
learn to love yourself
Deciding to be happy and saying "I will be happy no matter what."
Its all within yourself no one else can make you change.

When you learn to look beyond yourself then you will find peace of mind is waiting there and you will see you are really only very small and life goes on within you and without you.

That and a kick *** love life with a gorgeous babe.
What a beautiful question Anja. The Dalia Lama said that the ultimate state is to be happy and useful.
Being happy and accepting of yourself first.
happiness doesn't come from the things you want. happiness comes from the things you have already.
being content with what you have and treat anything more as a bonus
Stop asking yourself if you are happy.
The key to finding happiness is not to go searching for it.
Happiness is a by-product or spin-off of activity.
Be it mental or physical or both.
So if you want to be happy do something.
This is an age old question that we search for throughout our lives. Happiness can be different things to different people as you can see from all the answers. Personally, finding happiness was a struggle in my life for quite some time. I had a good job, made great money, had my own place and lived close to family and friends. I was still in a dark place until I started to realize how blessed I was just to be alive. I had a near fatal car accident that changed my life. I have found that happiness comes once you learn to love yourself, forgive yourself and others, and to have peace in your heart. I am now disabled, however, am personally happier than I have ever been. Even with my daily struggles, I know how blessed I am to be alive each day. I think happiness is found in the simple things in life. I have a wonderful wife who has a bright spirit and a lot of faith and she has helped me to find happiness in the smallest things. I think the mistake we make in our search for happiness is looking for it in material things, how many friends we have and what we have accomplished. Of course, those things can make us happy temporarily, but true happiness is found inside of yourself. Be happy!
Being grateful for having the gift of life, being grateful for everything you face and going about your life in an unselfish way, and not expecting anything back.
Well there is a Buddhist expression and I forget the real words, but it came to this: Life is miserable so you better enjoy the moments it is not.
That is so true! I think being happy comes down to awareness of what you have, of awareness on the beautiful (sometimes very small) moments, the things you have managed to do, the people you have gathered around you.
For me being happy lies also in having the guts to be who I am, listening to my own signals, learning what my needs are.
taking up the responsibility for my own life. Confront myself with my shortcomings, being able to love and being loved.
Love, for me, is a big part of it.

A few times in my life I came close to death. That has made an imprint in me. Death became a friend of mine. It may sound a bit banal, but this gives me much more consciousness of the life I have. I try to enjoy it to the max, and I always live with the idea that when my end comes, I want to be able to say that I am ready for it. That I have valued life the most I could.

Of course I have shitty moments, and life can still be a drag. But then I think back on the Buddhist expression. Life is sh1t, and we should enjoy every moment it is not.
The key is to accept yourself as you are and be content with what you have got, don't expect less or more.
Some people seem to need permission to be happy. Particularly, these days we are force fed images of the things that should make us happy. What we should look like, what posessions we need, how we should live, what people we need in our lives to be happy.
Happiness is a state of mind. Be happy with who you are: with where you are; what you have in life; who you are with.
There is no secret place to find it, it exists within ourselves, we all have the right and the capability to be happy, provided we harm no other.
Happiness is like love, fill your cup and share it with others, then it will flow freely between all.

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