Avoid external distractions?

What are some good ways to filter out external distractions, so you can remain strong with your belief?

if you're strong enough in your beliefs, you won't be swayed by external distractions. you'll view them as opportunities for you to verbalize your beliefs, and share them with others. it's good to know what loopholes and doubts might occur to others, so you can better identify solutions.

simply tuning out other dissenting opinions that clash with your beliefs is something many people do. choose not to listen, and don't be surprised if someone labels you 'inflexible'. choose to hear and possibly adjust your beliefs beacause you learned something new, and you might then be called 'open minded'. it's a good way to become stronger in your beliefs, by meeting challenges head on, and discussing them with others who might not share them!

but what i'm wondering: if you're so easily distracted, maybe you're not quite sure you believe what you think you do.
If you have the strength of your convictions, distractions should not influence you. You can be open-minded to a degree, but that doesn't mean you have to go along with something you don't believe in. Just ignore any propaganda you get. It's easy if your faith is strong enough.
What exactly do you mean by belief? As in religion? Or what?

The main two distractions in life are usually either visual, or auditory.

For visual issues, orient your visual field so that you see almost only the things you wish to concentrate on. If you can't see it, it can't distract you..

For auditory, I recommend an mp3 player. Fill it with tunes that make good background (ie: you don't have to concentrate on them... everyone has different tastes) and then use that with headphones to block out what you don't want to hear..

Of course, don't blame me when a demolition ball swings down on you and you can't see it and you can't hear the people yelling at you to duck!
Ha that's a good one when you find out let me know.

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