Am i alone in hating children?

I hate even having to be in the same room as a child, never mind being on a bus or train with one.

I know this probably isn't normal, but i can feel my blood pressure raising rapidly and i start getting inwardly angry when there's a kid about.

Oh my god, I love you! Kids annoy the living HELL out of me! Especially those damn babies who decide to cry and shriek uncontrollably from the moment they enter CVS (where I work) to the moment they leave. In an Orwellian society, I'd be tortured half to death for the thoughts I have regarding them.

But yeah. Until they hit about 14 or 15, they're just little brats who you can't reason with *or* smack around (unless they're your sibling, y'know?)! At 14-ish they're better, what with their frontal lobe developing and their reasoning abilities coming into play.

Granted, some of them are really sweet and all, but after a while even the sweet ones get to me. I guess my problem isn't so much a pure and simple *hatred* of them, just more like an extreme dislike verging on utter hatred concerning quite a few of the li'l stinkers.

Being 17 myself, I'm good with high schoolers. Any younger and I just want to knock 'em out and shut 'em up. But that's just me.
nope. i have a friend who's allergic to them, too..
though what gives..? im not..
I only really like the ones I have an emotional attachment to - strangers kids generally just annoy me too!
Nope you are not alone, I hate them and have 5 kids.
You're not alone,but it's not a normal thing to feel for a human. Does this include your family members that are children?
what is the real problem with you? in your childhood you must have suffered, so when you find kids enjoying with their parents or any where. you feel bad about it.
forget it and try to understand the joy of being kids and try whatever you could not get that other kids should get. then only you will feel happy with kids
Just the noisy ones annoy me.
i dont like 1-2 year olds but i love anyone older
Well, i guess its good birth control for you!
All I gotta say is that you were once a kid too. And you probably did the same things these kids do today!
hating children is not normal, disliking others unruly children is completly normal, i have 2 and i always say 'theres nothing worse than other peoples children' , but hating them the way you do is not normal, i suggest you seek help before you do something you may live to regret.
You were a child once...
And in a world with so many bad people why should we get disturbed of those innocent kids?
,Just Take it easy.
Nope, there are a lot of people who don't like children.
I do not have any children, but I do not have any reason for hating children. I hope you get the help you need in dealing with this problem.
You were once a child!! I don't think you are alone, but I think hate is a really strong word. I love my children, but I am not going to lie. Sometimes other peoples kids annoy the crap out of me. It really depends on the child. The ones that are very well behaved I can deal with, but the really bratty kids, I can't deal with.
They aren't so bad when they are quiet, but I would rather sit next to a loaded gun than one on a plane. Sometimes I can't figure out if it's their nonchalant parents I abhor or them. I also can't stand how I'm expected to act like they are so darling when their mother gives them $3 in change to count out to me at the cash register. They should be kept at home until they are about 8.
so people are just like that
i thought i was the only one who hates little brats.
of course it's normal to hate them
No, you are definitely not alone! In fact I think it was other people's children (particularly my neighbour's) who put me off having any of my own.

Only last night (9.30 p.m.) I had to shout out my bedroom window as they were playing football in the cul-de-sac and hit my car with their football (not the first time). This morning there was a nice white mark on my car caused by the ball which I managed to wipe off. The parents take absolutely no notice of what their children are getting up to!

I don't mind them playing or having fun - preferably in a designated area (play park) or their own back gardens! Sorry to sound like a right old misery but I do like well behaved, well mannered children (call me old fashioned).
Not only You!
I have met several ideas saying that "If regarding a child as a creature we will find some kind of a "deamon"!
If YOu are interested, I recommend to read Chesare Lombrosso!
And... Perhaps Freud! Lombrosso says children are "criminals", "awfull criminals", (cit.) "giving knife to their parents to kill their "concurent" brothers and sisters"! Smth alike in Freud's ideas on "the sadistic children killing insects "really" (psychologically) killing their elder brothers or sisters! :) These are just "humorous citations"
If You hate smth, try to find reasons, but do not forget, that hating children, you act "childish", and you hate your past! Subsequently, you hate yourself and your childhood...
Try to find the problem there! :)
Hate's a strong word. I dislike naughty children, obviously, but for the most part, I don't mind kids. I like babies though.
no, you're not alone...
You are not alone. Annoys me when they squeal on the bus, I want to tell them to shut up.
I don't hate children but I dislike badly behaved ones, but to be fair I dislike badly behaved adults too. I just wish that people were more polite and aware how their speech and actions affect others.
Did you hate yourself when you were a kid?
I understand what you're asking but hate is too strong a word.
Men especially do not like young children, In my experience children do not make sense until they can communicate intelligently, usually around 16 years old.
Some stay in this child-like state for much longer and still purchase "tunes" for their i-pod.
Actually I like children a great deal but its not wrong for you to not want to be around kids if that is how you feel. Just accept the fact that really it is your issue not theirs
I guess you were born at the age of 18
Its normal. My 21 year old daughter is exactly the same. Which means the pair of you will probably never have children, which is a good thing, as the pair of you will be crap at being mothers, which saves a lot of abuse. There are too many of us in the world anyway so it aint' no great loss.

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