What are your DREAMS in life??

Well, my life-long dream was to have a drink at a swim-up bar but now that I've done that I guess I can die. I need a new goal in life I guess but I can't think of one as good as the swim-up bar thing.
are you even gonna come back and read these answers?
help the people i love to achieve theirs.
to finish my eduacation , live with my husband for ever and have many kids
to have 500,000,000 dollars by the time im 25 years old. and it will happen. i already opened my business, and im only 20 years old. Also to be able to have a happy and healthy life with my man.
A career that pays well that I can enjoy.
Consistant sleep and excellent health.
A home of my own large enough for "all my toys!"...and
A woman who is pretty and...err...brings an enormous smile to my face after a night of wild sex!
Honestly work, go to school, make love and do the best I can. I think that pretty much sums up life to me. Do that then do it all over again. What else do we expect. Or what else is there to do.
There are different kind of dreams
some are called karmic dreams, so they are dreams influenced by daily activity and emotional state
some karmic dreams also refer to the past

in general we should not be attached to this dreams and let them go , take a message if clear, but not struggle with them.

then there are 'dreams of clarity' which comes from a different state and they can give you indications, be auspicious

some are 'lucid dreams' those in which one is aware to be dreaming in the dream, this are very very auspicious

more with this book

Dream Yoga and the practice of natural light
Chogyal Namkhai Norbu - Snow lyon publications
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Ahhh I did not understand the question, well
life is a big Dream!

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