Afraid to sign up for classes?

should be attending my 6th semester of college this fall. I have social anxiety and have to meet with my new academic advisor before I am able to sign up for classes. I was supposed to sign up for classes at the end of april but can't do it. I have gone to the office 5 times and always turn around at the last minute. I have tried to "just do it" but it's not working. How can I do this???

I know I am screwing myself over. That's why I am here asking for help. If you don't understand social anxiety, you may not understand that I cannot just "get over it".

I have emailed my advisor and he told me I had to come in to sign up for classes because it can't be done over the phone or through email.

Please help me.

I have social anxiety too. It's gotten better over the years. I had to force myself to do things...

Anyway...back to you...can you take a friend with you? Someone that you know and trust? If not, focus on the reason why you are in college to begin with. You have to get past this. Relax. Take a deep breath. You won't "just get over it," but you can overcome it.

If you have to wait for this advisor, then bring something to read or preoccupy your time while you wait so as not to have to make eye contact with anyone or feel as if you have to be social with anyone.

As time goes on and with life experiences, you will get better about this.

No one should tell you to "get over it" or make any drastic changes as you are trying to overcome a huge fear.

The best thing I can advise, take someone with you.

Best wishes.
Maybe try asking your advisor if you can meet somewhere other than the location he is asking you to meet at. A neutral location may help diffuse some of the anxiety you are having about the meeting.

perhaps you should let your advisor know what's up.

let him know about your problem and ask him if you could bring a friend with you.

maybe you'll feel better if you have a friend/relative with you.

or you could meet in a public place, one where you wont feel so "cramped"

hope that helps.

good luck.
need more on info. such as is it just this person your afraid to talk to? Did you attend classes before on a regular bases?Are you nervous about social situations or just speaking to this advisor? If all else fails go on line and go to classes there millions of folks are doing this these days.

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