Would you rather be very stupid and rich or very smart and poor?

I would raather be smart and poor, because if I was poor yet smart I would have a better chance of getting a job, and money other than if I was rich and stupid, I might lose money do to stupidity.
smart and poor, cus i can use my brain to get smart, if i was stupid and rich then id probably lose all of the money cus id b so stupid.
smart and poor because poor is a temporary condition for a smart person who cares about changing it.
Very smart and poor.I could find a way to make money. If it was the other way around, I wouldn't have the money for long. But, since I am of average intelligence then where does that really leave me??
I live in Dubai, UAE

Here, the smart and poor make about $1000.00 and lead miserable lives and the rich + poor would be found partying day and night in their freakin' Bentleys

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