What can i do about work anxiety?

I'm working at my 3rd job in 2 years. I worked 6 years at my 1st job. Then found a new job in 2005. Then i started with new company a month ago. The first 2 companies have given me warnings about internal errors. Nothing immoral, just worflow errors. It has triggered an anxiety like I will lose my job. This new job is little faced paced. But to start with, they are already given me tips about being careful with certain things to avoid mistakes. Now I'm questioning if the profession is the right career for me or losing confidence in myself. Only fired once 10 years ago on my first job out of college. I have been ok after that until 2005 when the first 2 companies have given me warnings about my job. I don't know why the curse has followed. I dont know if i show the fear or the fear is making me work like this.

build ur confidence..
u juz have to forget bout d past.. stop dwellin in it.. and always tell urself to "MOVE ON"..
there's heaps waitin ahead of u.. juz move on and leave d crap bhind u..
If that's not d right job, then fair enough quit it.. get another.. Get sth which suits ur skills etc and which u love it.. most important of all is U ENJOY UR JOB.. happiness!
Due to such fear, lack of confidence, anxiety n stuffs.. it'll drag u down even more if u think more bout them..
Turn over a new leaf.. learn being OPTIMISTIC n HAPPY.. trust me.. such elements build a good aura and will attract good "stuffs",.. good luck and all..
Take a short break now.. go for a holiday refresh urself ur mind etc.. go learn bout new stuffs new cultures new places heaps .. go learn bout sth different unrelated to ur job.. sth very new n exciting..

U mite not know, such "new things" cud lead u to discover more of urself ur interest..

Also, learn deep breathings.. practise it often many times in a day for long period.. eventually ur mind gets well controlled n reduce anxiety.
Go for meditation too.. it actually helps.. or yoga..
Go for any soothing positive peaceful activities! u'll be fine .. it's all in d mind and heart
Just take it one day at a time. Don;t let your past job follow you into your present job. Pretend every day is a new day on the job.

Be meticulous in recordkeeping, managing the papers on your desk -- let your thoughts march in formation.

And do not worry.

If you think this is NOT the job/career for you, take classes at night. If you don't know what you want, take a class in something you LIKE -- even if it has to do with a hobby.

All of this will help distract and motivate, you and put your brain in gear.
If the stress you are under is overwhelming, I would suggest going into another, much less stressful, line of work.

The Community Colleges have school to hire (direct hire) certificate programs--generally they don't take a lot of time, and some can even be completed online.
I don't know if THIS is it.but could it be a physiological/psychological thing like A.D.D? I'd often find myself getting into some really stupid oversights that got me into trouble when I was younger...turned out I was recently diagnosed with A.D.D. Since I've been on the medication, those kinds of oversights don't happen with me anymore.

Just a thought.
maybe your doctor can prescribe some anti-anxiety medication. just a low dose. to help you through.

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