Is Tony Soprano a sociopath?

I know that Tony is EVIL but he seems to have a conscience, twisted as it may be. Real sociopaths are devoid of any guilt of any of their actions and could care less about anyone other than themselves. Does Tony actually qualify?

a sociapath is someone who wont carry out any action on how they're feeling due to guilt or fear of consequence. A pyschopath is someone who actually carries it out
It's just a stupid TV show. If anyone is a sociopath it the writer. He just doing what they write.
I think Sopranno could qualify as a sociolpath. Appearence of having a conscience doen't mean he actually has one. He might just be going through all the moves. Sociopaths arve very cunning and deceptive.
Yes...and sociopaths are evil. They are people devoid of a conscience. A conscience is your right and wrong check on your behavior. Anyone who is turned off to their conscience is both a sociopath AND evil.
Are you kidding, its a freakin show.

Yes, he is a sociopath in a way...only on the show...
I believe so sociopaths tend to do what they want in a
devious but socially accepted manner,and Tony fits that
profile.As do many prominent polictical,and business
Being the biggest Tony Soprano fan, it kills me (no pun intended) to say he is a sociopath, consider what happens when he does something wrong and wants to forget about problems, he either buys his way of of situations, or leaves town so that others can handle the pain for him
The Character that Tony Soprano is portray es, is that of a Psychopath with anti-social symptoms but to properly diagnose him as a Socio- path he does not fit the Criteria with regards the fact that he has true feelings for other"s and a Sociopath does not have the ability to be able to feel and or show feelings for other"s..
Also he has true feelings of regret and remorse that are clearly visible when they manifest themselves into his Panic Disorder.
Good question irrespective of the fact it is based on a Fictional Character..
I don't believe Tony is a sociopath. He genuinely cares about people close to him, and seems to feel inner guilt and turmoil at times. Although it may horrify us at times, his brutality is strategic rather than casual. My understanding of true sociopaths is that they act out without thinking about why they are doing it, and with little or no insight into their feelings. Tony does have insight, even introspection. In my view, "T" is fundamentally a good guy with a job that has forced him to twist himself and his own sense of morality into a big, doughy, Jersey-style pretzel.

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