Why am I so afraid of DEATH? (please no biblical answers)(if you have to use biblical terms...i guess you can)

Everytime the thought of not beinf alive and not knowing if i am going to be able to think or see or even have a life anymore it scares me and i start to cry. I just dont like thinking about the fact tha ti will just be nothing, and i will have no life anymore. Please tell me why this scares me so much!! I want to know why the thought of not being able to interact with my loved ones and not be able to carry on a life scares me.

A friend once told me to constantly dwell on the inevitable end to life is a waste of the limited time we have. I thought that was good advise. Acknowledge that life is limited and don't waste it worrying about things you cannot change.

Enjoy every sunset, every drop of rain and every singing bird. Life is good, enjoy it. If we did live forever life would be worthless.
This scare me to when i think of it. Just don't think of it.
Live life to the fullest.
You must be very young. As people get older, we for some reason come to grips with death. It's inevitable and we just seem to be more accepting of it as we get older.
I don't believe anyone gets use to the idea of dying because it is truly the unknown I think you become less afraid and I even know people who pray to die, because they are in so much pain physical and mental. The old saying was death and taxes but, you can get away with not paying taxes but you won't get away from death. Just live everyday like it could be your last and enjoy the time you get sorry it hurts so bad but your not alone
It's normal to be afraid of death. A lot of us feel the same way. It is not an uncommon fear. It's not death so much that you feel but the fear of now knowing what it's be like. Other people don't fear death as much as they feel about the way they die. I look at death as just a long sleep, but without dreams, I guess. You have to get over it because you won't try to do anything or risk anything. To be at the end of everything and no longer able to see loved ones is frightening. But you have to meet the reality of it or your life will be worse than death.
You're not afraid of death. You are afraid of dying. Death is inevitable, and it's pointless to fear the inevitable. What you're afraid of is that point in the process of dying where you KNOW you are going to die, and that scares everyone, so you're not alone on THAT one!
you should really get the book a course in miracles. it is by the foundation for inner peace. you have to do the workbook first. you read the text after your done with the workbook. it will open your eyes to what's real and what's not. it's spiritual but, not religious. you won't be afraid anymore.
we usually fear what we do not understand, and death is one of those things. Everyone dies but we do not know what comes next and that is scary to not be in control of what happens to us. We do not know nor do we really understand death. We only know about what happens to us after someone we knows dies, nothing else about the journey in the afterlife or if there is one. This can incite fear and maybe panic, we know what to predict in our everyday life, we go to work or school tomorrow eat lunch at 12:30 etc, but death is so final and unknown to us. We must come to some kind of terms with death or it could impede upon our living life we are constantly worrying about it.
A fear of the unknown.
Well man has always tried to escape all negative aspects of life, but he is scared of what he can't escape, knowing that it would definitely come sooner or later. But if u are a true christian u have nothing to fear cause their is an asuurance of goingto heaven.

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