How Do You Deal With The Feeling Of Paranoia?

paranoia like what you're saying is more like "fear."
What you are experiencing is completely normal and nothing to worry about...i'm not sure how to help you not be scared, because i go through the same thing! like when i walk outside in the dark, i get soooooooo scared! What I suggest is trying to find out what would make you feel better in that moment...if you could wish for something, what would it be...
personally, i'm scared of being alone in a two or three story housexDwhat helps me out is living with a lot of other people in that house OR just not living in a two story housexD

when i am scared of the dark and being alone at night, which i am, i usually put on the television to a comedy show and cuddle with my blankets in, since i'm not out of highschool yet, this is something i'll have to wait for in the future, but i always wish i had a boyfriend or husband to keep me company at night and in, i know that i'm going to get married and that i'm not going to want to live alone.

just find what works, and try it out.=]
but remember, the type of fear you are experiencing is normal and that sometimes fear is a good thing -- it shows that you are cautious and aware of your surroundings.

hope this helps,
dont smoke marijuana
if you have paranoia over a person you try to ask the person the thing ..and clarify if it is so ...when you know the actual reasons you can avoid the paranoia or you have to build the trust over the person ..which most of the times is not possible ...
so better sit n talk with th person
Where did this paranoia come from? How long?
The best thing to do is "face your fear." If thats not possible, its best to seek professional advice and possibly meds. Im not judging you, but if you are doing drugs...STOP, this will only make the paranoia worse.
Relax, Imagine you are at the beach or some other relaxing place, and breath deeply and slowly. Besides there is nothing to be afraid of

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