Can you overcome FAILURE in LIFE?

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Found a great article on how to overcome failure in life

Hope it helps the community.


good article.I feel validated of what I have done in my life. Trust me it is an emotionally consuming process especially when there are many to deal with. But these kind of reminders help us to move on in life. Thanks.
thank you so much this has really helped i cant thank you enough really you are the best
Yes, we just need to just take actions and do it just like dr phils would say. Sometimes having money helps though.
I firmly long as u keep trying, or have the will to try, u will NEVER fail...even if u feel like a failure, never give up, and u will be a success.
failures r stepping stones as u might have heard many times but its really tru.wht mattrs is that u learn frm ur mistaks and dont repeat them.
In my school days, there use to be a poem in English Tis a lesson you should, try try try again (till you achieve your goal). Perhaps, you need to listen to a song from Dev Anand movie HUM DONO: Jahan me aisa kaun hai ki jisko gum mila nahin. Dukh aur sukh ke raste, bane hain sabke waste.

Also go through the story of the King Bruce and the spider prescribed in the primary classes.
Awesome, I'm on my second part of life and it's just as complicated.
Yes, overcoming failure, one needs to give another confident try learning a great deal from the mistakes of the past because one only understands the true meaning of success after one has failed before,tried again and suceeded.
thanks. that was awesome
Thanks man , that was wonderful.
Very good, keep it up.
it was good and i agree with you
good job
Yaa, of course....It would help a greate deal.
thanks for the article. Luckily, I did not suffer a serious failure in life. Lucky me!
of course you can. nothing is impossible and thanks for the article.
hI Sunil,

Its a very gesture to have shared something so very interesting to read and take the corrective steps required for living. Your genorcity is appreciated.

God Bless with you with more such ideas to share.

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