Am I psychic?

I have been having very strange dreams lately, like for music releases, i knew what the song sounded like when it just came out. i had dreams a few weeks ago about something that just happened today

No, it's just a coincidence. Nobody is able to see the future, because the future is uncertain. If you are psychic, talk to James Randi -- he'll give you $1,000,000 if you can prove it. (Link below).
its called De Ja VU happens to me all the time
if you can predict things on call, i'd say you're a psychic... but if you just get random visions... i'd call it intuition.. or awesomeness :D
is this even a question
If you're psychic, you should already know my answer ! :-)
no. i get those quite often. aunt actually would dream the lottery numbers almost every night when she was younger. she would write them down on a piece of paper, and in the morning, if we would play those numbers, we would never win the lottery...but almost every single time we didn't play those numbers, those would be the winning's really weird! i swear this! but maybe it is just deja vu...?

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