Is "Every thing is possible" a lil impossible??!?

depends on how you look at the phrase. If you take it literally, then yes, because not everything is possible. I cant change my race/ethnicity, i cant change the past, i cant literally breath in space.

If you take it in a more metaphoric or philosophic way then it holds true.
I cant change my past, but i can chose to not let my past hold me from making something of my future.
I cant change my race/ethnicity but i can become educated and diverse in my knowledge of other ethnic cultures
I cant literally breath in space, but through technology i can

the saying is more about working hard, holding on to your dreams, never giving up, learning from your mistakes, forgiving, letting go of regret, making the most of what you have, and having the drive to do that what you want to do, and if you search hard enough and work hard enough, all things are possible. <i dont completely agree, but, maybe i havent worked hard enough even tho i feel like i have, thus the dont give up part>
I've always thought about this one and I've come to the belief that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do everything. This is especially true with "being" things. For example, one cannot be "never married" and "married" in one lifetime. If you were married you cannot say that you were never married, therefore you cannot be everything. This saying is more of a motivational slogan.
It is statistically impossible for everything to be possible.
possible/impossible things are convention. what is possible under some circumstances could be impossible under others and vice versa
You are right.

Nothing is absolute.

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