Is Loving people a hard work?

I fail to understand when we suppose to elighten each others with the questions that need real answers and then receiving nonsense answers from people who are not serious.y would you bother to answer whereas you know that you are useless and no wonder y you've got time to disturb people who reaally need help.wake up!

that is totally right as this happens to me .i gust want to say to those if u dont like the question;dont give answer .it is as simple as that.
Let's get torches and pitch forks and track their families down!
yes it can be. Sometimes it is hard to find what we love about another human being. Sometimes it has been hid because of past events and traumas. These people usually want to see to what extent someone is willing to try to love them before they break down their walls and show their true self.
Loving is always a sacrifice. Yes, its always hard work but if you don't have that determination to sacrifice then its not love.

Sometimes, we are tested on how much our love is for the person. Commonly, the tests are often associated with misunderstandings and that the one you love has a mind of his or her own that he or she would not like to listen to you. Patience is the answer for that.

Some people tend not to understand you and they don't want to because they believe in their own thoughts, the answer to that is understanding.

Now, if you are too much disturb because you seemed to be hurt and otherwise felt the difficulties in your relationship, well, give it space for the both of you to realize your faults and if you would have still the desire to continue what you have started. Free yourselves for an ample period of time and release everything that you have upon the relationship and let yourselves realize how important is each other to you and that you are willing to sacrifice for a new start in your relationship.

Love is understanding and patient, so all it needs is time.
Loving other people isn't hard, if you are showing love for someone you care for. There are going to be people in the world, that are not going to care and love you all the time. You are not going to love and care for everyone you meet, and this is obvious in life. I think almost everyone realizes that. Show love and care for only the people who mean something to you, and don't let love bother you for anything.
The feeling component of love is easy, but there is lots of hard work involved to maintain it. It's worth it though because that's how we grow.

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