My sister is 13yrs old and she can't sleep by herself in her room?

she begs me to sleep in her room because she gets scared. Sometimes she wakes up me parents and goes to sleep with them in their room...or if i refuse to sleep in her room i find her sleeping on the floor of my room in the morning. During the day she is a very outgoing happy go lucky, cheerful, and fridnly girl who seems completely normal...but why is this? what can i do to help?

1st you need to talk with her about why she wants someone with her while she sleeps. In order to get her to face what it is that causes this, don't accept "I don't know" as an answer from her.
She demands that she sleeps in the presence of others for a reason, & she needs to be forced to confront why that is or she will never get over this.
She probably has never actually given much thought about why she can't sleep by herself, but for her there is a "Pay-off" for demanding that she be allowed to sleep with someone.
So ask her "what is your pay-off?" or "what do you get from this behaviour?"
But more importantly she needs to want to change this pattern of behaviour herself, or she will stay stuck in it until she does.

OK, I just read your additional details, & I have to add that her fear is probably best described as an irrational one.
As long as everybody is indulging her by letting her sleep where she wants then you are enabling her to hang on to these irrational fears, & things could get worse.
Just tell her that her fears are irrational, & that she needs to sleep on her own. Sure, she will throw a tantrum, or try to get her way by sneaking into someone elses bed, but everyone here has to take a firm stand with her, and tell her that she needs to suck it up and get over her fear.
You can try a little bit of reasoning with her if it will help. After all we can all argue that it is possible that someone can sneak up on us and attack us in our beds while we sleep, but when you look at how often that happens in reality, it just isn't very likely that it will happen to you or your sister.
Get her a pet Tasmanian Devil. That will cure her.
find out what her fears are and help her face them is the only way to remove fear.
is she scared of the dark, does she have bad dreams? i used to have a problem and i got a dog an dhe sleeps in my room next to me and i sleep better like i know nothing will hurt me
You have to find out what is causing her to be so fearful at night .. Is it the darkness? Does she have bad nightmares? I would suggest having her sleep with the light on in her bedroom... And see if that works. Perhaps tell her to keep a dream journal and see how she reacts to that idea.
Perhaps you need to keep the lights on or television at night. This will help cause it helped me.
dont worry. she is absolutely normal. just talk to her kindly and sweetly about the problem and tell her good things. tell her there is no ghost, no devil. tell her to remember god whenever she is scared. if u can, fix a poster of god in her room and tell her to look at it. give her a doll and tell her she is sleeping with you. place a zero watt bulb in her room and keep it on during night. dont let her see scary shows on tv. tell her that even her friends sleep alone. good luck and tell me after one week.
First you gotta find out what scared her so badly, then you know where and how to deal with the problem, scolding or threatening is never a good solution ,any religion ? May help too. I have similar problem with my 10 yrs old son but its my bad cos I pretend I'm the ghost from the japanese scary movie - the ring , when he didn't completed his homework !!! Good Luck !
I know a girl her age who does the same thing. She still sleeps with her mother.
I would recommend first finding out what scares her. Once you find out, do what you can to help her overcome her fears. If she can't over come them, I would recommend getting professional help.
SOMETHING has caused this fear. She may be afraid to talk about it. If your parents won't take her to a therapist, I would have to ask..."Why"? she does need professional help.

If there can be no outside help, please sleep with your sister! She needs you. She will get older and explain to you one day. She will be so grateful that you were there for her. It will create a wonderful bond.

She should never have to sleep on the floor. Help her.
My 12 year old sister had this problem a year or two ago. For months she would beg my mother to let her sleep in her bed everynight. A lot of times my mother gave in, but sometimes she told her no and she would cry and scream and say she is afraid to sleep in her room by herself. Finally my mother got out the reason behind it. For some reason she didn't wanna tell at first. Her fear was that someone was going to climb through her window (on the 2nd floor) and kidnap her. My mom realized that this was because of something she heard on the news (Elizabeth Smart). So now my mom prevents her from hearing these types of stories so she can sleep normally and it worked. Your sister is obviously afraid of something. If she won't tell you what ask her if she heard anything on tv, on the radio, or at school that sounded scary and bothered her. Ask her if she is afraid of being alone in the dark. The answer has to be somewhere inside of her brain, you just have to pry it out of her, and then figure out what you can do to help her sleep in her room by herself every night from now on.
Maybe she is having nightmares and feels like it is too childish to tell anyone. Maybe she was abused or hurt physically and she never told anyone, and it has given her a fear of being alone. There are alot of things it could be! I would say just talk to her about it. Let her know you are serious, you want to help her... not make fun of her. I am sure she trusts you and whens he tells you what is wrong, you can help her fix it! Another thing is, i used to be kinda afraid of the dark and then i got a bunny. I know he's not going to attack someone who comes in my room or whatever, but his company just makes me happy. A pet might be good for her. :] Good luck, love!
my sister is going through the same thing. tell me what worked with your sister.
It could be something related to adolescence that she'll outgrow. If she doesn't really know what causes it, can you accommodate her with an agreement that she can come into your room and sleep on a cot (or in a sleeping bag on the floor) so long as she doesn't wake you? But grant her ONLY that choice (you won't go to her room), and she has to try sleeping in her room first every evening. Also, she isn't to bother your parents (they deserve that). If you can deal with that, it gives her something--but with reasonable conditions. No waking anyone, no trying to drag someone else back to her room. You come over, sleep here, nobody will hassle you about it. I think she'll outgrow it.

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