16 Weeks of School left, forever!!?

I have 16 weeks of school left, forever and ever!! I'm 17 btw and I live in New Zealand.

In 16 weeks I'll be doing my end of year exams(I'm not stressing about that btw, I don't need to do well in them to pass this year)

I'm so scared!! I don't know what I'll do, like it's just my routine and without school it'll be so strange!

I do really well at school(in New Zealand we call High School College) and I know what I want to study next year at University ( Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, Political Studies & International Relations). But it'll just be so strange.

I'm moving to a new city aswell. I am so scared!!

I do have a part time job, and I will be able to be transfered to my new city when I move next year.

How can I make the most of my 16 weeks?

I use to be in such a huge rush to finish school, now I don't want it to ever end!!

I know how this feels, since I graduated highschool about a month ago and moved to my university three days ago for summer term...Just make sure that you spend time with your real friends instead of leaving them to pursue other friendships, assuming they'll always be there. A friend of mine did this on our Europe trip and lets just say our bond isn't as strong. Get your girlfriends together and just hang out. Do what you normally do and spend time with your family...because those are the ones you'll miss the most. Heck, I miss mine badly and I've only been gone three days...lol...
just relax and have fun with your friends because you dont know if you will ever see them again after school.

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