A Question about Dreams & Health?

My husband constantly complains that he has had a bad dream. During his sleep, he is sometimes very restlest with his legs moving and he gets jerks.
Sometimes (4 out of 7 days), when he wakes up, he describes that he has had a bad dream and he can describe it very clearly which means that he was actually totally involved in the dream.
Sometimes, he dreams about God and in the morning he is awake with good feeling but still its about 'the dream'.

How do I cure this thing for him? Is there any medicine or psychological treatment which can be given to him?

I keep telling him not to focus so much on 'dreams' and just 'ignore it'. Or just think good thoughts before sleeping (to which he replies that he does not think bad thoughts before sleeping).

Please help me how do I help my husband cure the above.

Thanks for all replies. It will be a great help!

Bad dreams can be caused by so many different things that it would be difficult to give you any useful advice through this channel. When a person has bad dreams that frequently, there is almost certainly something going on that needs attention. Sometimes it's a medical issue. The first thing to do would be to get him in to see a doctor and have a thorough round of tests. Chemical imbalances can cause bad dreams. Some medicines can cause dreams. And if I'm not mistaken, blood sugar control problems can also do this. And there are many other medical problems that can contribute.

If he goes to the doctor and nothing shows up there, then the next step would be to visit a good psychologist. Has your husband had any intensely stressful or traumatic life events? Is he, by any chance, a military veteran? Major life stressors can also cause dreams.

Best wishes, and I hope you can find out what's going on! :-)
some people with sleep apnea act out in their dreams. yu cant cure dreams, he should just get a dream journal.
pray he will see you though
First of all you need to find out if this problem is health related. "RLS" or restless leg syndrome. I have had this problem during my life too.But, it was painful and my legs were tight and my ankles were sore. I would blame some type of illness,infection or sensitivity etc. Try Calcet also. It has both C and D and helps with the cramps. He might also have a problem with dairy proteins and or lactic acid acidosis. Get some bloodwork done so you know for sure.What are "ALL" of his symptoms?


Dear Madam

Its obvious that ur husband went through a bad past or childhood with memories recalling back now. Sometimes a hidden secrete that s 2 heavy 2 reveal s the cause.
My advice for u s 2 encourage him 2 let them go by unfolding these memories or secrets by telling them 2 u or 2 a close friend, otherwise, the circuit wl continue on & on until it get unbearable.

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