How Can I Overcome my fear of public speaking?

I cant even stand up to say my NAME in class. On the first day of school last year I had to say five facts about myself and I was shaking SOOOO horribly and I couldnt even speak. So I ran out of the room and everyone made fun of it.

I was horribly scared the first time I got up and spoke at my church...but my parents made me study my material..they drilled me worse than a marine sarge.I was too scared of messing up than being gotta study and know yer subject...funny how you can talk a mountain on the phone but cant get out a sentence in public...just imagine you are talking on a forever minutes cell phone and then they will hafta drag ya off the stage..
I've been there. The only way is to practice. It really does get easier. Also, really knowing your speech and practicing in front of the mirror (worked for me). If you have confidence in what you are saying, it helps alot.
I had the same thing. Go for speeches in your school and things like that whenever you have a chance. As soon as you mess up and realize its really no big deal, it will come easier and easier. Do it as much as you can, and each time you will notice that you are nervous for a lesser time, and it wont be as strong as before.

Good luck :)
I don't know if this group is still in existance but if it is try joining the Toastmaster's Club. My brother-in-law joined because he has to make presentations for his job and it helped him get over the nervousness.
forget about yourself and focus on what you're talking about making sure you explain it well to the audience. You have to put yourself into "teaching mode" wishing nothing else but having the public understand your message.
I did. Just remember, no matter who these people you are speaking to are, they S--T the same as you do. They are no better or worse, and if you have something to say, say it.
hey i know the feelin, i just dont do public speaking...
Start practicing outloud in front of a mirror. Just talk to yourself, it sounds silly but it works. Video tape yourself sometimes if you can. Gather up some of your friends and talk in front of them. Take a speech class or something. I was HORRIFIED to talk in front of people too, untill i took a speech class. It was hard the first week or two, but it made me so comfortable to give speeches. I kinda even like talking in front of groups now!
You know they say the only thing more terrifying than dying is public speaking and that i think is so so true!!

The best thing i find for me is to go over things in my head and how i want it to come out and sound to the people.

Also when giving a speech or talking to people try and focus on something at the back of the classroom or in the distance.

Everytime you look down to read your speech and then look up which is very important then look at an object above or behind the people so you keep your focus.

Also if you have a friend or friends in the audience then look at them and say it during the whole speech, itl be like you are talking to them plus it will encourage you.

Listen it scares me half to death but sometimes you have to push yourself a bit more and be confident in your ability. I mean how long does a speech really last? If you time it you will see it isnt as long as it seems when you are doing it!!

All the best!! Go for it!! I know you can do it!!

If i can, so can you!! For sure!!

The key to being good at anything is doing that thing often. Practice does make perfect as they say. I used to be like you in high school especially when I had to get up in front of the class to do oral book reports (I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack and die right there in front of the classroom) I am not kidding you. I am a sales person and I now give presentations in front of hundreds of people on a monthly basis for a Fortune 100 software company and I don't even break a sweat. Here is what I would do if I were you, make up a fake presentation on something you are really good at or know alot about. Next stand in front of a mirror or videotape yourself giving that speech or presentation, again practice practice practice. Critique yourself, what do you do right? What do you do wrong, what are you doing right, etc.. I would then look to sign up for a public speaking course at your local community college.

The best advice I can give you is number one, to speak in public often and know the subject (become and expert on that subject) that you are speaking about. Number two, be confident and realize that in your school everyone is just as nervous as you are.
My friend if I could answer this question effectively I would have taken my own advice. I have the same fear and believe it or not more people are afraid of public speaking than of dying!

I'm a bit older now and have a career...when speaking to my team of direct reports it doesn't bother me, but when asked to present to peers and bosses I go back to feeling exactly like I use to.

The biggest thing I did to overcome it to a point where I can function is to force myself into an environment that caused me to do it more. I actually took a job that was going to require me to conduct training classes...and hold meetings with people I had never met. The practice is what made it work for me. The more you do it the more comfortable you'll get.

Also, look at it this way...if everyone in the room has the same fear, why should you be more fearful than the rest of them. Honestly, what is the worse thing that could happen?

Something you might want to do if you haven't had to yet...take a personality test. It helps you to identify the reasons you feel the way you do and can help you focus on fixing the core issues:
Well, you can ease your way into it, you can practice it at home, you can practice it in a mirror, you can practice it in front of people, you can look out into a crowd and see no one at all, or even see everyone nude to make yourself laugh and feel comfortable, you can start out with a joke to ease the tension, or you can focus on a friend in the audience or even look past everyone and talk to the doors in back of the gymnasium (or talk to the blackboard). There are also courses like Dale Carnegie course wherein their method is to have you talk (not speak) about matters in your own life that you feel so strongly about that you concentrate on that feeling instead of thinking about who you are talking to. You can also get into comfortable groups at home (ha, like therapy sessions) where everyone talks about themself, or talks about a book they read or just sit there and all play cards together and make spur of the moment comments. Use anything to get out of your shell. But you know what? Over the years I found out that each person is different. Maybe talking in front of groups is not your thing, maybe you're the kind of person who talks better when it's on a one-to-one basis as when you are selling insurance to a friend or selling a home to someone, and that kind of talking is ok too. But whatever, there is a time in your life when you have to put away young-minded things and become an adult and just talk, and don't give a care what anyone else thinks or would say, and no matter if you're nervous or not just continue talking till you've completed what you have to say. Even writing yourself notes on a card, on your arm, on your sleeve or whatever, if that's what gets you thru it, then do it. Laughing is a sign of immaturity, and as time goes on no one will laugh because you'll be addressing adults.
its all mental dude you got to ground yourself which means stand your ground, what I do is if something...anything comes to mind I just say it no matter what I am thinking for example I was giving a speech and right before i was giving a speech I thought that it would be funny to say I come from the planet earth the speech was about business leadership and it had nothing to do with me coming from the planet earth by saying that I used integrity when speaking and I grounded myself and continued my speech being comfortable I had the audience captivated but what your doing is you have fright or flight have flight and dont worry just say whatever is on your mind first something that is reasonable not something stupid that would get you in trouble you have to establish a relationship with the whole audience to get them to pay attention to you thats if you want them too my grounding is comedy if that doesnt work for you then you must find something whether its saying something to ground yourself or doing something you might organize your desk or papers before you stand up to speak. take your mind off the fear...good luck
Hi Rebe
There are a couple of things you might try:
1. Emotional Freedom Techniques: there is a free course by Gary Craig at You could learn these simple but very powerful methods and apply them to yourself or find a practitioner there to help.
2. Hypnosis: look in the Yellow Pages for a hypnotist to help you with this problem and to also teach you self-hypnosis. Also, locate the National Guild of Hypnotists web site at
You are very brave to discuss this here and I commend you for it. Don't give up, get help for it now. You will overcome this. It may even have a very good effect on you if you think about it.
I overcame my fear by taking Speech in high school. Also, someone famous mentioned that you should picture everyone naked. If you wear glasses, take them off.

I actually had fear of public singing. I literally thought I was having a heart attack the first time I sang a solo.

Basically, your fear will make you do better. When one gets too confident, they may falter.
Even if you start out frightened, just tell the audience you feel a little frightened of them and it will probably make them laugh and then you can relax because they will be on your side. Stare em down.

Peace and love to you.
Well, there no out of the box magic soultion for this.

The change must come from within. You must motivate yourself to muster the courage to do it. Once you start doing it, it becomes easy and no longer a fear.

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