Do you think dreams are an indication of what you can expect in your future?

Well, basically dreams communicate to you in symbols what represents the current state of your subconscious self. It tells you things that you otherwise wouldn't understand or pay attention to in the conscious world.

As to whether it tells you what to expect in the future... possibly, to some extent. But it is so that "The mind breeds action, action breeds habit, habit breeds character, and character breeds destiny." What you get in the future depends on what/who you are today. So yes, in that light you can use your dreams to predict your future... and if you don't like what you think the future will bring you based on what you've found out about your present self, all you have to do is to change your present self in such a way that it will attract the kind of future that you want. :)
I would love to think so.
i want to believe that. As a few times I've experienced da ja vu (can't spell it lolz) where times in real life i remember happening in my deams .. but really, who knows?
Dreams do reflect your thought process ,some times. But what all you dream may not be what you should expect in future. Any dream Specifies how you want to see your self to be.....So do dream and also work towards them (atleast the best ones)
Wow I am a lucky guy then, I have a lot of day dreams.
Sometime it happens like that.

sometimes, after some incidents, may be very normal in nature, it strikes me like i saw the same thing happening, may be long time back.

i don't know why but it happened to me 2/3 times.
Maybe Sometimes...
It is your thinkings, fantasies,and memoires being manifested. nothing else

There is no corelation between your future and dreams. But you can manipulate these productive dreams for your better futures.
I don't think so.The dreams are merely an overflow of our thinking mind-tank.
dreams are fear of a bad incident in future.
If you are scared of thieves, you dream that they r around.
Also it can be vice versa. Something bad that could happen, is seen in a dream. This is to warn you, so that you can be careful. Pleasant dreams also have a warning .

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