Am I mental?

I recently had a kind of, er, "roam rage" and smashed up my mobile phone in a fit of rage. I've never really enjoyed receiving calls on it or calling from it, and texting makes my brain hurt.

However I need it for work/life and never thought I'd be smashing it to pieces.

It's on the floor in three or four pieces. So, my question is, am I mental or strange?

well, DUH! you've got a PUMPKIN on your head!?!?! of COURSE you're strange!

well done for smashing the cell-phone up though - i did the same thing a couple of years ago and now i have a secret one JUST for emergencies and the very few work calls i HAVE to accept...people get used to you not having one and it still tickles me to see my friends and colleagues showing off their omg expensive flashy MANICLES!! smashing your phone is the noughties-man's version of them bra-burnin' 60's gals.
in the immortal words of a strange englishman in an even stranger secret-agent village in Wales -

You need to take an anger management course
pretty normal actually
sounds more like anger issues!
You're angry. If you bottle it up you might go mental. Talk to your doctor about it.
Mental, like crazy? No.

Strange, well, maybe. You took out anger on an inamimate object. Seems a waste of energy to me, but to each his own.

Good luck!
nop,just normal and stressed
Agree ...Anger management...
Hi Elvis... somebody on here has asked a question ..are you dead... Believe it is the anniversary of you death soon... happy death day
You look a bit empty headed.
Not at all... we all go a bit crazy sometimes... just find another way to vent ur anger
sounds like you just need to calm down and take things easy. Just because you done this dont necessarily mean you are mental or strange, but if you done thins all the time then you would need to get anger managment help.
When something bad happens you need to just take a deep breath and relax, because tearing up things will only make the situation worse.
Well I guess you will have to buy a new phone?
No, but I hope you can afford a new one, what a waste of money. : (
So who was on the phone? Was it a heavy breather? What was he selling? For any money it was the phone company callig you to ask for an extension on their lease and top up deals. Accidents happen - mobiles are two a penny...its grand theft anyway you look at the device. Stick it back together, goto the mall and get a replacement for it the recuperation taxation takes care of the rest. It's cheaper to buy a new phone than to repair an old one. Laugh it up.
i wouldn't say "mental" but however comma, you might look into an anger management program or two.
i like anger...i do things like that too...
No just a little HOT headed. Why don't you just blow that candle out inside your head and call it a day. Peace
Neither. You're just "technologically frustrated". I've avoid that problem- by NOT having a Cell phone. I don't NEED to be "in touch" 24/7. I have a land-line, and people ALWAYS call me back- if they want to get ahold of me bad enough. I have NEVER missed an "important call"... (and have STILL recieved too many calls I could've done without). So pick up the pieces, throw them in the Garbage- and consider yourself "liberated"...-If ONLY until you buy your next Cellphone... :)
I say you're just REALLY stressed out.
Oh Gosh NO!! I have wanted to do that for a long time myself, along with the land lines at home and work, by the time I get home I am tired, not only do I deal with 2 cell phones, work, and home phones and work on the computer all day, I'll tell you my cell phone is not the only thing I would like to be braking in a million little pieces right now, so NO you are not mental or strange. :) you just did it before me!
It's normal. Usually with cell phones.
I just wish everyone would do exactly what you have done. They must be the worst thing that ever happened, they make me feel like murdering someone, and I have never owned a mobile. I think they are driving me mental.
yes like the rest 99% of human kind you are mental.
You need to follow your inner need to find out who you really are - and get peace of mind.
you seem to be having stress maybe your work its some times stressfull if you have a mobile for work about your brain hurting i would talk to your doctor about this but your not mad its maybe you are having a bad day just like many of us but stress can catch up with you unexspected and that triggers of stress even mild deprestion try a relaxation tape/cd listen to it before bed or getting up before you start the day it may seem daft but look at your phone as a friend and treat it well good look and take care dont forget to talk with your doctor just in case there is some stress there that can be looked at before it gets out of controll

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