How can you improve your effective work in your daywork?

Hello Nelly,
This is so easy, all you need to do is to be aware of why you work for the company you work for, and think to yourself, " Do they value me for who I am and for what I do for them" and if the answer in your mind and heart is yes, then you have to justify your existence to them , that will be noticed by your employers, and the pay will be adjusted too in the fulness of time.
Start every day, as fresh in your mind and attitude towards your work, and smile a lot too, once you get all this kicked into operation, you will notice yourself, the improvements in your effective working day, but you must have a few moments in those working days to refresh yourself and take on light food and whatever is your favourite drinks too, but leave any alcohol until you are away from your work place...Good Luck Nelly and enjoy your working days, I enjoyed every one of mine, right up until my retirement 2 years ago...Bye...Tony M...
u always be a fresh and happy minded. U love ur job, it will increase ur effectiveness and job involvement makes a improvement on your work.
take small breaks every 50-60 min,for minimum 5 minutes...think something crazzy @#$@#
some thing like wt if this teacher be my gf ...

take time to laugh,

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