About IQ Tests?

I'm almost 13 and I was wondering about IQ Tests. How much are they? How old are you recommended to be when you have them done? And general questions similar to those. I'm a top student and often find work easy. My father is quite clever and most people I know have commented on my intelligence. Is it worth getting tested?

You can take them online for free at various sites, but they have recently been considered defective in measuring practical intelligence. Some Genius Musicians and Artists have done very poorly on IQ test because they don't measure, perceptivity, creativity, insight, intuitiveness, or anything of that nature. The basic left-brained, linear thinking stuff. Math, English, Memory, and a little bit of critical thinking.
IQ means Intelligent Quotient test. It is used as predictors of educational studies. In 1905, french psychologist Alfred Binet published first modern IQ test. u carry on to develop ur IQ skills. All the best
I would recomend you hook up with Mensa and take their free tests then you will know for sure. Be well rested, eat a good meal and have a cup of coffee even if you need to put a lot of cream in it but no sugar! Use sweet & low if you must sweeten it. (It is proven coffee will give you a short term IQ boost!) Before you start calm your mind, relax and focus. If you score in the top 2% of the population you will be qualified for membership. The fee is small and a whole new world will open for you. I know I enjoyed some of the special field trips they planed to exotic local sights that are normally imposible to get into.
I asume you have free access to the net so down load some info on them so your parents can see what they are about.
A link to their home page is below.
What are you going to do with the results? Especially if the tests find you "average?" IQ tests are crap. The best way to use the intelligence you were born with is to do good in school and get in honor's classes so you can have a better chance at going to the college you want.
You can take an intelligence test... the Wechsler scale, for example has a scale for children (I am not sure if 13 is already qualified for the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, sorry...)

They give you a score which may correspond to your IQ or to a quantity that gives you your intelligence relative to other people... but don't rely on them too much. While the IQ may actually be able to predict how intelligent a person is, it does not mean that it can cover all the aspects of intellignce... Even the concept of what really is intelligence is still a subject of much debate today...

Hope I was able to help you.
lo voglio anch'io!

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